Wilda Laci July 9, 2018

Branded packaging isn’t a choice anymore. Regardless of the product and niche, customers have more choices today than ever before, and this has forced companies and sellers to get into a competitive mode, where all aspects count. Packaging isn’t just about product protection and shipping anymore, but this is more like a marketing tool that can yield great returns, if done right. In this post, we will review custom packaging and boxes and things that matter in getting the design right.

Balance cost and creativity

Using printed stock boxes isn’t enough for most products but revamping and designing custom packaging involves cost and effort – a constraint for many small brands. In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges as far as design process is concerned. The good thing is you don’t have to spend a fortune to design the right box for your product. There are companies like belley.net that specialize in cardboard box packaging, and at the same time, they help clients with designing and structural conceptualization. You don’t need a team to do that. Just be very specific as what your product and brand stand for.

Using the tricks right

When it comes to custom packaging and boxes, there are two major questions that you must answer-

  • What’s the immediate goal?
  • How much can the company afford for each product?

If you consider the cost of one box, it would seem too minuscule, but it also helps you in understanding the COP for each product. Keep in mind that you would want to retain a margin, so the same figures will help in deciding the ways through which costs can be cut. As far as immediate goal is concerned, think of the first thing that comes to your mind when we say packaging – product protection? Easy shipping? Marketing? Labeling? Whatever is your goal, cater to that first and keep other things for residual consideration.

Some of the smaller tricks really come in handy when you are trying reduce costs. For example, if you use bright colors, it allows the packaging to gather instant attention. It is also a good idea to check if reusable boxes can be used for products, so that the overall waste is reduced. Sturdy boxes with magnetic locks can turn into great containers. Check online now to find more on custom packaging and find a company that can offer the right range of products and boxes for the right price.