Wilda Laci November 16, 2017

A few years back, someone contacted me in the Middle East who desired to start an “equipment hiring business” and particularly they wanted to really make it a franchise here in america. Equipment hiring within their place in the world is exactly what we consider equipment rental in the usa today. Obviously, it’s a saturated industry, along with a mature industry sector, the one that has not done everything well following the 2008 housing crash, as construction continues to be slow.

Nonetheless, within 2013 there exists a slight uptick, and there’s construction happening again, and lots of construction personnel are indeed returning to work. Nobody knows how lengthy this trend continues, or once the business cycle will poop out again, and you never know, it might even choose a couple of years due to the pent-up energy and the requirement for more structures. What if things change later on? Let’s say construction is performed an entirely different way, let’s say a number of today’s latest technology is utilized in the development sector, you realize, something similar to 3-D printing?

Quite simply, let’s say things were built on-site with a giant machine, something similar to a huge 3-D printing machine? Let’s say a house owner who desired to build their very own home bought a bit of land, make the foundation themselves, first got it signed off through the city inspector, had their plans authorized by the planning commission — simply because they were standard plans which in fact had recently been used a large number of occasions — plus they rented a huge 3-D printer to construct their house directly on the home? How might the work you may well ask?

Well, the homeowner could contact the gear rental company, ask them to provide the 3-D printer, arrange it in position, use these to secure the fabric needed, and also the homeowner could turn the device on a couple of hrs, after which power it down, go inspect the procedure, and repeat that process before the structure was really built. This is the way I’d picture all this working, and clearly a house owner couldn’t manage to purchase a giant 3-D house printer, however they can easily manage to rent one for any couple of days or up to and including week when they built their very own home.

This type of system cost up to $a million, however the homeowner would just have it for under 1 week, which means it may be utilized by 52 others all year round, which means there might be a great roi for that equipment rental company that did indeed book giant 3-D home printers for use on-site. Please consider all of this and think onto it.

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