Wilda Laci October 9, 2018

If you are shipping your goods to various customers then you also have the chance to increase your brand value by making your brand more visible. This can be very smartly used as a very effective tool to increase your brand value.

By using the following tips not only you make your brand get noticed but also such custom packaging can lower shipping costs as well.

  • Use custom shipping box

Why should you use your courier’s shipping box for sending your product? That way you are helping your courier company to get famous and no one will not know about your company or your brand name. Instead of that use your own custom packaging where not only you can print your company’s name and logo but also little marketing message. This can be a smart way to increase your brand value without making a great investment in advertising for your brand. For better visibility, you can also prefer multi-color printing that makes your packaging more attractive and get more recognition in the market.

  • Use custom shipping bags

Another similar idea like the above can be custom shipping bags. You can use these bags in exactly similar way as you can use for shipping box and increase your brand value too.

  • Shipping peanuts

You can prefer to use biodegradable shipping peanuts which are totally non-toxic and also protect your goods from various hazards by providing much more improved cushioning during the shipping and transportation. These peanuts are quite safe for pets or kids too. These peanuts can easily get dissolved in water without damaging the pipelines.

By using such peanuts, you are giving message to your clients that you too are very conscious about the protection of the universe and making enough effort to reduce carbon foot print of your company.

  • Custom shipping tapes

You must have seen in most of the packages the same boring brown colored tapes are used. Why not replace it with tapes where your logo or brand’s color is used. This idea can be little expensive for any small company, however there are few companies can provide competitive price for any custom-made tapes.

  • Monthly mailer box

This concept of monthly subscription boxes must surely not go unnoticed by you. By paying a small amount of fee, you can send to your clients any small things that you can easily afford. You may develop any mailer of your own style which will give you an opportunity to make your brand visible to people.