Wilda Laci October 13, 2018

The 2019 US News American university rankings are coming! This ranking is very useful for students who are preparing to apply for admission in the fall of 2020. US News American University Rankings (Also knowns as美国大学排名)is the most authoritative and influential ranking in the United States. This article will introduce two of top 50 schools. If you are not qualified for elite schools, but still want to get into Top 100 schools in U.S., do not miss the opportunity to apply one of the following schools. Good Luck!

University of Southern California (南加州大学)

University of Southern California (USC) is the first well established university in Los Angeles and is one of the ten private universities in the United States that receive the most research and development funding from the US federal government. The University of Southern California has more than 40,000 students, of which graduate students account for about half of the total. There are more international students, accounting for 12% of the total number of students. It is the most international school in the United States. Foreign students are mainly from mainland China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, etc. Statistics of foreign students come from 135 countries around the world.

Penn State University 宾夕法尼亚州立大学Penn State University (宾州州立大学)has 24 campuses, the largest of which is University Park, which has 15 colleges: Agricultural College, School of Art and Architecture, Business School, School of Communication, Law School, and School of Education. In addition to a wide range of professional options, Penn State’s research funding is second only to MIT, and alumni are located all over the world. Good results have been achieved on various large-scale rankings. Penn State’s education major is the nation’s number one, and supply chain management is the third largest in the US. Others are among the top ten in the US, including industrial manufacturing, materials engineering, insurance, nuclear energy engineering, higher education management, and biology.