Wilda Laci September 14, 2018

“Human resource” and “Marketing” are often considered as individual and distinct branches of management, at least in business schools. So, what exactly does HR marketing mean? For the uninitiated, HR marketing is the process of applying and using marketing strategies to human resources. Through marketing des ressources humaines, you are trying to tell both prospective and current employees that your company is the best place to work. Employer Branding is related to it but us a more recent concept, which is all about establishing a company as an “employer brand” – a company that’s considered to be a brand by professionals looking for employment opportunities.

Should you spend on employer branding?

HR marketing isn’t entirely new, but in recent years, it has found relevance. Job markets have changed, global employment policies have evolved, and professionals are no longer just bothered but the paycheck alone. HR marketing uses these changes to create a marketing plan that not only attracts talent but also helps in engaging and retaining them. If you cannot pay a package that they want, they will probably find an alternative, but when you offer the right perks, things can change. That’s the crux of HR marketing. With employer branding, it has been proved that companies can cut costs of hiring and retain talent better.

Thinking it right

You cannot focus on employer branding and HR marketing and not think of your people. Just promises and perks don’t always add up. Your employees need to feel that they belong to the organization, and there is enough scope for them for both progress and career development. Retention, as we mentioned above, is also important. You don’t want to hire people and lose them immediately after. The objective of employer branding should be about retaining people, for which internal processes, workshops, training and other activities do matter.

Today, employer branding and HR marketing are often used in context to one another, and businesses are doing their best to make the most of the concept. However, as a small business owner or a company that doesn’t have any experience of employer branding, it is best that you choose an agency that’s reliable, affordable and has extensive expertise with multiple and diverse elements that eventually constitute HR marketing. Discuss your goals, current challenges with the HR department and allow them to come up with a comprehensive plan that’s customized to match the needs of your organization.